"Useful Things" 3D printing model, use in your home life

Early of June, we make and contest in Longer 3D facebook group. compare who prints the most useful things, members share their print model.  here I show you what they print, I think those also useful for you.

This is “Switch Stand”, use this 3D print model, holder stand, and put charge cable under the model.  

Put all your “wrench”,  Modular drawers + USB/SD/Micro SD holder and something like that in this model, easy collect your tool. 

Charging Sation

Some other fans have share other useful things in our group, we not share all in this article. also finial we pick up winner and send out gift to them as our contest rule. if you interested, just check this Facebook Contest . in this groups, we have some contest each month, just join and share us your great model, get more fun!

Thanks for all fans join our contest again!

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