Frostmourne - WoW 3D model, 135cm high

Half month printing 15 part of “frostmourne” by LONGER LK5 Pro

last month, my friend send me 3D model “Frostmourne” , as WOW fans, I can’t wait to print it. this model total 15 part. I use LONGER LK5 PRO big size printer finish this big guy.

My print set like this

Floor height 0.15,

wall thickness 1.2,

support density 12%

It have 12 part, total use 2.5 kg PLA filament, 135cm total high. … Read More

facebook contest

“Useful Things” 3D printing model, use in your home life

Early of June, we make and contest in Longer 3D facebook group. compare who prints the most useful things, members share their print model.  here I show you what they print, I think those also useful for you. … Read More