LONGER RAY5 offline working laser engraver review

Laser engraver useful in DIY job, some woodshop, workshop. LONGER RAY5 output power of the laser module reaches 5W, it can engraving and cutting some material. RAY5 in a small box, 60x31x15cm only. while I open the box, find out that all screws have the number, which makes you easy to install.


After half an hour, finish the installation. it is a very easy step. what you should be paid attention I think first is installing the frame, making sure the frame sequence first, or you will waste much time; second is belt fix the screw, you should screwdriver squeeze the screw into the slot.

Before going to engrving, you must adjust the laser focus, in spart part, it have focusing column.


32 bit clip, 3.5 inch touch screen, protection etc. highest specs on the market. full detail as list:

Model NumberRAY5
Laser TechnologyDiode Fiber Laser
Working Area400 x 400mm (15.75 x 15.75inch)
CPU32 bit clip
Screen3.5 inch touch screen
Laser Wavelength450nm
Focus TypeFixed Focus – 30mm Focal Range
Spot Size at Optimal Focus0.08 x 0.08mm
Optical Output Power5W
Z Axis-Height RangeUp to 65mm
Engraving / Cutting Speed40 – 10000mm/min
Engraver OutputDC12V 5A
Engraver InputAC110 – 240V
SoftwareLaserGRBL, compatible with LightBurn
ConnectionUSB / TF Card / Wifi
Laser Engraver Size61 x 67 x 20cm (24 x 26 x 0.79inch)
Package Size59 x 30 x 12.7cm


After installation, I do some tests about protection. As we know, laser engraver is not like normal products, it has some dangers, so we use it must carefully. in the safe part, LONGER RAY5 make some excellent function, so use RAY5 safer.

emergency button
Emergency button

The first safe function is the emergency button, while you find any emergency, it endangers you and your workshop, press the button, laser engraver stop immediately, prevent the damage from continuing.

Thermal protection test

The second thermal protection function, I think is more helpful. while laser engraver working, engraving or cutting material will produce high temperature, in this case, some material will fire. The thermal protection function works while it checks high temperatures, it will alert and stop the laser engraver continue working.

Move protection test

Thrid protection function is move protect. For example, the laser put in a table, the table fell, laser continue work, it will harm people near laser engraver. Move protection to avoid such an accident, while RAY5 fell, will stop working, what you do just pick it up, and restart work again, it safe enough. 

Offline working

This is a more important and interesting function on LONGER RAY5. on the market, most home use laser engraver must connect computer while it working, it is inconvenient. Think about that, if you have a workshop, need engraving huge project, work with several laser engraver, if normal laser engraver, you need to find several computers, it takes up a lot of space. but on LONGER RAY5, what you need is just some sd card, save spaces and your money. Love this function very much, a high recommend.

Offline working

Engraving on basswood

I have tested a lot of engraving, for example, my test on basswood, 10% power and 3800mm/min speed, it seems nothing happened in engraving, and 100% power with 2000mm/min speed. Contrast the photos, you can direct engraving, save your time on test again.

Engraving some photos through RAY5, you can find any detail. 


I have tried cutting some wood. while cutting wood, will produce smoke, suggest make the bottom of the cutting material empty, what I do is put a honeycomb iron plate, helps to disperse smoke without affecting the cutting effect. Also while using the cutting function, suggest the laser focus is lowered a bit, better cutting effect.

Cutting products, assemblable decorations, toys.


The offline working function is really good for me, it saves space and money. Protection function, Let me use it more at ease. The 32-bit clip, very smooth to use. 3.5-inch touchscreen, leading the laser engraver market, most home use laser engraver have not screened so far. Most important, the RAY5 discount on LONGER 3D Official shop, with free shipping to most areas, super cost-effective.

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