LONGER RAY5 desktop laser engraver firmware upgrading guide

LONGER RAY5 desktop laser engraver firmware upgrading guide

The Firmware of LONGER RAY5 desktop laser engraver continuously update for fixing bugs and add new features. The firmware upgrade operations are different for different systems.


A LONGER RAY5, a computer. a micro SD card(with FAT32 file system), a micro SD card reader, a USB cable. The last three stuffs came with the package.

For Windows OS

a) Find the tool software(“Flash Download Tools”) from attached SD card(path: /Tool), or download from the link: download link
b) Open the program “flash_download_tool.exe”.
c) Select “chipType” and “workMode” as below, then click “OK”. chipType: ESP32 ; workMode: develop

d) Configure flash tool:
i. Click “…” button to select firmware(path: /Firmware/xxx.bin). Fill in the address as 0. Then check the box( ) to the left of firmware path bar.

ii. Configure SpiFlash

iii. Connect PC and RAY5 via USB cable. Select correct port. If the port cannot be found, please check whether the CH340 driver is installed.

iv. Select a baud rate greater than 115200 (921600 is recommended. The higher the baud rate, the faster the transmission speed, but the greater the chance of transmission error).

v. Click ”START” button to start firmware upgrade, then waiting for completing.

vi. The finish icon shows below

e) Correctly insert micro SD card in card reader, then plug the card reader into USB port of computer.

f) Copy the “dlc_cfg.txt” file (path: /Configuration) to the root directory of micro SD card.
Tips: “dlc_cfg.txt” file describes machine configurations.Please be careful if you want to modify it.

g) Insert prepared micro SD card into the RAY5, then reboot it. The configuration update will get started. Wait until the finish prompt appears in touch screen.

h) Restart the RAY5. Touch “Tool” button in home page to check the firmware version. Everything is done, Have fun!

For macOS

In preparation. Coming soon.

For linux

In preparation. Coming soon.

LONGER RAY5 firmware download:

Firmware 1.2.2 version
* added Wi-Fi auto-connection feature
* optimized boot speed
* added factory test procedure

Firmware 1.2.23 Version
* fixed typo in touch screen UI
* fixed possible crash issue of frame feature for LightBurn generated file

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