LONGER Orange 30 SLA printer use for miniatures.

For several months, Wargame Print 3D has been using our Orange 3D printer to print figurines from Patreons from over a hundred 3D studios. Today with the use of a gray Rapid resin, he highlights the figurines from the French Studio Raging Heroes. These different figurines are from their Patreon for the month of July titled Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light.

All of these impressions were made with a definition of 100 microns. This shows the exceptional quality of our Orange 30 printer, knowing that it benefits from a level of detail of up to 50 microns.
According to Wargame Print 3D: “The Orange 30 is an ideal printer for printing miniatures with a very good level of detail”

3D Studio: Raging Heroes.
Patreon: Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light (July 2021)
4 hours 40 minutes per impression of the board (including 6 to 8 figures at a time)
Printed with a LONGER Orange 3O
100 microns
By @wargameprint3D, thank you.

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