LONGER LK1, LK4 calibration touch screen

To calibrate the touch screen of LK1 and LK4, you need to connect a computer and calibrate the touch screen through cura software.

The following is the download link for cura4.8.

Cura4.8 needs to manually add a longer printer, the method of adding is in the following link video.

After adding the corresponding printer, please switch the cura operation interface to the “MONITOR” page, refer to the following picture.

LONGER LK1, LK4 calibration touch screen

When the printer is connected normally, the page is displayed as shown in the figure.

After that, enter the M995 code in the “Send G-code” position, and enter the code as shown in the figure.

LONGER LK1, LK4 calibration touch screen

After entering the M995 code, the printer touch screen will display the calibration program, please use a small object (such as a screwdriver) to click the corresponding calibration point on the printer to complete the calibration.

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