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FDM 3D Printer

FDM is the most widely used 3D Printing technology: it represents the largest installed base of 3D printers globally and is often the first technology people are exposed to. Longer 3D have FDM Serise, newest FDM Printer LK4 Pro, LK5 Pro are widely loved by users

LK5 Pro

Printing size of 300*300*400mm; With dual inlinced rods to hold z axis; Recover printing function.

LK4 Pro

TMC2208 Ultra quiet drive, Slient printing; Recover printing function; built in safe power supply.

Resin/ SLA 3D Printer

SLA is the abbreviation for Stereolithography Equipment, or just stereolithography. Like FDM, SLA is an additive method: models are built layer by layer. Instead of using plastic filament, Stereolithography uses a liquid resin material. When exposed to the right type of light, the resin permanently hardens to a new shape. Longer Newest SLA 3D printer is Orange 4K, it has X: 31.5µm Y: 10.5µm print Resolution. hightest print Resolution in the market so far.

Orange 4K

4K Mono is X 31.5µm Y 10.5µm in subpixel; 230*230*437mm print size; Fast Printing

Orange 30

2560*1440, 47.25µm 2K Resolution. 200*200*390mm printing size