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LONGER Laser Engraver RAY5

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  • 【Touch Screen & Offline Carving】LONGER RAY5 laser engraver has a built-in 3.5” touch screen with a friendly user interface.  This allows us to cut multiple pieces of plywood or images to be engraved without tying up your computer to run it. The Longer Ray5 has a built-in controller and no computer required to connect the laser engraver all the time. Save your file to a TF card, and use it to run the Ray5 for engraving or cutting.
  • 【Ultrafine Laser Point & Powerful Laser Module】This laser engraver comes with the latest FAC laser technology for compressed laser point, the size of the point is 0.08*0.08mm; The smaller size of the point, the more focused the energy. This allows the engraving or cutting to be much stronger. The output power of the laser module reaches 5-5.5W.
  • 【32-Bit Chipset & WIFI Connection】RAY5 is built with an ESP32 chipset and includes a WIFI connection for the engraver to router. This 32-bit chipset is running at 240MHz.  That means it is faster and more powerful than comparably equipped machines with 8-bit chipsets. As an added bonus, the RAY5 supports WIFI connections through the web page or App to control engraving or cutting.
  • 【Safety Protection】LONGER RAY5 is designed with move protection and thermal protection functions. If the machine is moved while in use, Move protection will initiate auto-shutdown for personal safety. Thermal protection initiates an auto-shutdown if it detects a flame or the engraving area overheats.
  • 【Compatible with Windows/MAC/Linux System】RAY5 is compatible with free engraving software LaserGRBL and paid LightBurn software. It supports import with BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, AI, SVG, etc file format.
  • 【Power Button & Eye Protection】The engraver comes with a power switch to turn the power on or off. The laser module has an acrylic cover.  This shields the laser light to help protect eyes. You will want to wear eye protection for laser scatter as well.
  • 【Upgradable Laser Module】 RAY5 laser engraver is upgradable. The power supply and mainboard support an upgrade to a more powerful 8W/10W laser module.



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  • 【90% Pre-assembled】The LK5 fdm 3d printer is 90% preassembly in factory before delivery, which will be easier to assemble together and save more time.
  • 【Larger Printing Size】LK5 is a large affordable 3d printer with printing size of 300*300*400mm, which is suits for making much bigger prints and allows you to expand your creative possibilities.
  • 【Super Stable Triangular Structure】With dual inlinced rods to hold z axis as a steady triangular structure for better quality of 3d printing, especialy for priting high models.
  • 【Upgraded Glass Bed Equipped】This fdm 3d printer is equipped with an upgrade ceramic coating glass for easly peel off from the bed when the printing is finished.
  • 【High-temperature Resistant Teflon Tube】The LK5 is equipped with a high temperature resistance teflon tube to stand up to 280℃, and it’s not easy to clogging inside the nozzle and will provide constant quality of printing.

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LONGER 3D Water Resin
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