How print TPU on LONGER LK5 pro FDM printer

How print TPU on LONGER LK5 pro FDM printer

Some fans have requested the use of TPU filament, due to TPU stands for ‘Thermoplastic Polyurethane‘ and is often referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it is very elastic, flexible, and smooth to the touch, but at the same time, it is extremely durable and strong. for some tools, TPU filament is a good choice, for example, the drone part. Many drone fans print part for their toy.

Many FDM printers could work with TPU, LONGER LK5 pro is suitable for TPU too, but many users don’t know how to set it. will show you how to set in LONGER LK5 pro so that you can print the perfect project. 

LONGER LK5 PRO PTU set on Cura

With 95A TPU, you can set 210° nozzle and 0° for the bed, and suggest printing in 50mm/s. and full set, please check the above two photos check what I have printed.

You can see the TPU filament printed model soft-touch. what kind of model do you want to try TPU filament on your printer?

Thanks Sofian Zarhoune help for this article. If you interested LONGER 3D printers, please check LONGER 3D official shop:

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