How I print “RAZORBACK” by my Longer lk5 Pro

The model name is RAZORBACK. Is a spaceship from THE EXPANSE series.

The model comes from the Internet. But in a small size, so scaled it to 480% of its original size. And then dividing it into 5 parts, to facilitate printing. Thus obtaining a 74 cm high reproduction.

The printing time of the various parts is 208 hours, plus another 12 hours for the internal connections, which are used to hold the pieces together. In total there are over 9 consecutive printing days.


All with the magnificent lk5pro. LONGER silver filament, 2kg total. below are some of the part detail.



Compare the original scale with the 480% scale model.


Finial we get the whole RAZORBACK, it is a big model you can see. with Longer lk5 Pro big print size 300x300x400mm, it easy to finish.

This big “RAZORBACK” model print by Mr. Manuel Veschi. all his post in our official facebook group: Longer 3D Group , welcome join and get more detail and share your model there! thanks for Mr. Manuel Veschi great job!

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